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Unique Benefits


With every implementation of EnABLE, we learn a bit more about our clients, their needs, and what we can do to help. Each customization to the off-the-shelf EnABLE product is made to fit the needs of our clients, but can benefit our product as a whole. We take pride in the fact that our product is highly influenced by our client's needs and configured to their needs as part of our implementation process. This unique business model open doors for TechPG and the EnABLE team to continue to grow, learn, and think outside the box with every purchase. In the end, it creates some pretty unique benefits for you!



Configurable, customizable software

TechPG understands the complexities of managing a financial system.  Balancing constantly changing federal, state and local reporting and processing requirements with the need to record and process information—while at the same time keeping data current and easily accessible—has been historically difficult and requires a large investment in manpower.  But with EnABLE’s configurable, customizable interface that accommodates organizations of all sizes and complexities, your users can define parameters and processing to meet your unique needs.


During implementation, EnABLE is configured to fit your needs. However, we understand that your needs may change as your business evolves. Thin client access to EnABLE’s architecture means that users can be added and subtracted with little or no change to the infrastructure.  And EnABLE’s license fees do not count total number of users to determine cost, so fees remain consistent throughout the software’s lifecycle.


Fixed Support Costs

Unlike custom developed solutions that may incur additional programming and customization costs as years progress, EnABLE’s COTS support services come at a fixed price.  This guarantees you great support while simultaneously securing your bottom line operating costs.  In addition, many issues that would usually require support can now be handled within the system thanks to the flexibility and configurability of EnABLE.

Hardware Savings

Since EnABLE is a web-based application, the entire system resides on a web server and data base server.  This means that only two servers must be maintained and supported for the entire bond, loan, and grant software solution.  To access the system, users simply need computers with web browsers and connections to the web server.  This greatly reduces desktop workstation costs and eliminates the need for thick client software installation and maintenance.

labor reduction

The implementation of a standardized, module-based system with online data entry validation reduces your need for labor-intensive manual data reviews and corrections to your bond, loan, and grant data.  Automated system processes and ease of data access also reduces your overall labor costs.  These soft-dollar cost savings will drive your ROI during the course of implementation and throughout the lifecycle of the product.

training savings

Your staff can be trained on EnABLE in one day thanks to its standardized user interface and the implementation of your organization’s style sheet.  EnABLE is easily understood and accepted by users which increases system adoption rates and decreases costs associated with delayed implementations or underutilized systems.


Easier Access for Approved Users

Quickly accessing your program’s data and information can often be a challenge – a limited number of staff create and maintain your complex spreadsheets and calculate balances.  EnABLE’s web-based interface allows easy access for all users.  EnABLE provides advanced searching abilities and once the desired information is found, related data is one click away.  Navigation within the data is simplified through the use of pop-up screens and screen tabs.  Role-based security makes it easy to control user access and give your users only the rights required to perform their duties.  The system can even be customized to work with your existing network security to support automatic login and speed access times.

Increased Accountability 

Comprehensive data security is at your fingertips with EnABLE.  The system tracks and logs all initial data entry and data updates or changes using security date and timestamps and user ID records.  For financial activities, each action is tracked through a unique transaction that contains all the data needed to report and track on the financial activity.  The system also supports a history of data elements as they change so that research or reporting can be performed at a later date.

Standardized Data Access

Access to all data within EnABLE is consistent and straightforward. Once you understand the basic navigation and data maintenance of one EnABLE module, the entire system is easy to access.  This allows data to be entered quickly, accurately, and only one time—even if it relates to multiple functions.


Prevents error and standardizes processes

Error checking and correction is a costly process that can consume large amounts of labor and capital.  EnABLE’s standardized data entry platform reduces the number of errors in data entry.  Through the use of user-maintained drop-down lists and type-ahead functionality, the system standardizes and simplifies data entry.  These controls ensure reliability and improved confidence in your financial program’s data, processing and reporting.

Increases visibility and transparency 

Solid decision-making relies on having the right data at the right time.  EnABLE supports reporting though pre-defined system generated reports that are configurable through user-entered parameters and ad-hoc reporting.  All reports can be viewed as PDF files or saved as Excel spreadsheets.  These reporting methods allow easy, timely, reliable, concise access to your financial program’s data.