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funding sources, 
loans, grants, &

EnABLE allows the organization, management, and processing of financial data to be clean and easy. Public sector organizations of all sizes can benefit from the configurable and customizable nature of the software, which supports your business and process management needs. Streamline your workflow, increase collaboration with borrowers and partners, track data and quickly create reports, and enjoy the versatile nature of EnABLE's interface. With user portals for key contributors, a safe and easy-to-use online environment, and self-service tools - your data can be easily accessed by any stakeholder. 

Don't get lost in tracking your funding sources, loans, grants, and bonds. Organize your records, connect them with funding sources, create and manage debt schedules, accept payments, track interest and refunding, stick to budgets, track activities, and more all in one convenient location. EnABLE software is configured to each client during the implementation process, creating endless possibilities for your organization.

flexible platform & ongoing support

Although EnABLE software is ready to use off-the-shelf, it was designed to provide an unprecedented amount of user configuration to support the unique needs of each client, while still maintaining the ability to be updated through periodic software releases. We understand that your organization has unique process and management needs. During implementation, the EnABLE team can help you customize your software to meet your needs. From dynamic forms to custom workflows—we've got you covered. 

As your business grows and changes, so can EnABLE. Ongoing support and upgrades ensure smooth operations and alignment with industry changes. We take the time to teach your staff how to independently use our software to increase the timeliness and ease of changes to your business. However, we're just a phone call away if you have questions.

streamlined data & processes 

Funding sources, bonds, loans, grants, applications, borrowers and project information are integrated within a single SQL relational database that eliminates risks to data and allows organizations to perform integrated reporting across all sources, uses, and programs. Keep all of your borrower data stored in a single location, including address, contact, financials, and general demographic information. EnABLE provides a comprehensive set of tools and processes to manage all aspects of debt transactions, disbursements, repayments, funds balancing, transfers, and reporting related to financial activities. 

Compliance tracking is easy with deadlines, payments, and budgets identified and automatically tracked to ensure that all terms are met through the software. Email and task notifications can be configured to automatically generate by the system, given your set of parameters. This cuts down on the processing time for your team and ensures clear and direct communication to your borrowers and partners on your schedule.

accessibility & convenience

When using EnABLE, all information is easily accessed by any stakeholder through an intuitive web-based environment that provides data visibility, partner and borrower portals, and standard and ad hoc reports. By utilizing web-based collaboration and workflow technologies, we can provide consistent and effective communication with stakeholders and enable paperless processing for activities such as applications, compliance monitoring, and reporting. We are also able to integrate with existing and future enterprise systems you may need to incorporate for your organization.  

With self-service capability, your borrowers can complete and submit applications online, access statements and reports, and submit draw requests and compliance information. All of this can be completed through user portals with pre-defined access options. That is, you can tell EnABLE who you would like in the external portal for borrowers and business partners and what you would like them to have access to.

EnABLE provides a robust security framework that wraps around the integrated database to control what users can see and which functions are available. This facilitates web-based integration providing important access to operational information by any stakeholder that has an internet browser and login credentials. All data additions and changes are tracked and can be monitored and reported on through a full audit history for your system.

Each stakeholder's login allows for security settings which provide them with access to as much or as little data as is required. You may also assign users to groups for task assignments, automated workflows, and for automated approval workflows. For example, borrower users may input their own applications; obtain account statements, audit letters and loan amortization schedules; submit draw requests; upload compliance information; or manage contact information.



With all of your contacts and data in one place, it makes sense to be able to communicate through EnABLE's platform as well. The built in customer relationship manager (CRM) can manage all contacts, events, and activities for borrowers, projects, or individual loans or grants. A common module in EnABLE records all the ways of contacting an individual, including multiple addresses, phone numbers, and other contact methods and notes. 

You can also create documents and build e-mails within EnABLE. The CRM allows users to email topical information from given processes or automatically when defined by a process or business rule. The automated email generation and task notification keeps stakeholders and your team well informed.

With many moving parts to the financial management process, project management tools are important to the success of your business. With EnABLE, we incorporated such tools into the software to help you stay organized. Create and maintain templates for checklists and tracking plans. Define and maintain when tasks or emails should be automatically generated based on activity or inactivity associated with system records. Invoice, notify, track timeframes, and periodically gather data automatically based on criteria you set. 

Beyond the process, the organization of the projects themselves can be complicated. With funding sources that feed into multiple projects, projects with multiple loans or grants, or borrowers with multiple awards it can quickly become overwhelming. With EnABLE, projects can be grouped together to keep track of the relationship between records, helping keep your data organized and useful.