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EnABLE was designed specifically for governmental and quasi-governmental entities that pool resources from bonds, loans, grants, or other funding sources and, in turn, issue loans or grants to other entities to achieve program objectives. TechPG recognizes that common business challenges exist for these entities related to management of the data and its relationship to borrowers and other distinct stakeholders. EnABLE was designed to solve these challenges.

EnABLE’s robust software design offers an unparalleled method of client user configuration to support the unique needs of each client. With modules covering the full lifecycle of bond, loan, and grant management, EnABLE surpasses its clients' needs and provides customization to fit their needs.

Thanks to EnABLE's proven functionality, distinctive architecture, and personalized implementation approach, an array of benefits are delivered to clients: from integration with current systems to support for future initiatives, programs, and partnerships.

When agencies purchase EnABLE, they are buying a recognized product with a support team that goes above and beyond to implement a system that meets their unique needs. Schedule a demo today to learn more about EnABLE product details, implementation plan, and support services.


EnABLE’s possibilities are endless. The TechPG team is unmatched in its effort to exceed our clients’ current and future needs.
— jack eakins // chief technology officer